Candy Crush Saga. Levels, Cheats, Hints, Advice. Free Download

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Free Download Cheats for Candy Crush Saga

For Unlimited Boosters, Moves, Lives, Gold Bars download and activate the awesome tool below !

Some levels are deliberately made impossible unless you pay for itThe purposes of this tool is to save you money.

For browser, levels, sync issue or how to play on PC without internet check above menu. For anything else just ask me.

Unlimited Lives, Boosters, Moves and Gold for everybody! Enjoy!

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tool / AID works on PC, MAC (all Windows and Mac OS versions), iPhone, iPad, iPod and all Android devices. No jailbreak or root access required.

The Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tool gives you Unlimited lives and moves, Unlimited boosters including startup boosters on any level, Unlimited gold bars for Candy Crush Saga and Unlimited Moon Struck for Candy Crush Dreamworld, ALL displayed “99” but remain at “99” even if you use it or not. You can pass all levels now.

+Moves is activated when you are out of moves, you can activate +5 moves at any time, if you are running out of moves you can buy with your Unlimited Gold Bars (it is not set to unlimited because the game will never end, remaining moves at the end of level are converted in points so unlimited moves mean unlimited points…you got it), any other Unlimited you see them working on the movie below.

When using this tool you are still able to send and receive Lives Moves Tickets.

Just watch the movie how unlimited Lives, unlimited Boosters, Extra moves and Gold bars works, using Tool Candy Crush Cheat – Free Download

Candy Crush Cheats Free Download how is work

Get Smart, Play Longer. Unlimited Lives, Moves, Boosters and Gold bars using Cheats Candy Crush Tool. Pass all Candy Crush Saga levels.

This tool works exactly as seen on the movie. I never ask you to add, share or like something on Facebook or any other sh*t.

If you only need lives scroll down at the bottom of this page (just before comments) in order to obtain for mobile devices, no additional files needed.

The following games on Facebook have already options unlocked & unlimited after you install the Cheat Tool

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Get your Unlimited Boosters, Moves, Lives and Gold bars for Candy Crush Saga and much more Cheats. You will pass any level. So much fun!

Choose any server below. You have to complete a quick survey to download. Most of them are free. 

download candy crush cheatsdownload candy crush cheats

If you have any question or suggestions feel free to contact 

Be Happy and Have Fun !!!

Free Lives for Candy Crush Saga without the Tool Unlimited Lives for Candy Crush using Time Traveling don’t need Candy Crush Cheat for…by changing your clock settings, If you’re on an iPhone, just go into “Settings,” then “General,” scroll down and click “Date & Time.” Make sure “Set Automatically” is turned off and change the time 3 hours in the future. Open Candy Crush (just open don’t start playing yet), your lives are full, now go back to Settings and set your correct time. Now start playing, you can repeat forever, don’t spend your money anymore for lives. On some devices after you set time to the real time you must wait and your lives are changed back to none. For this TimeMachine failure, check how many minutes until you get 1st live, now move your clock ahead at least 3 hours + the numbers of minutes you have to wait. For Android devices go “Settings” then “Date & Time” uncheck “Automatic Date & Time” and set your clock. I say 3 hours for not bothering to much your calendar, alarms, etc No more lives No More !

Well…for Boosters, Moves and Gold Bars You have to use the Cheats for Candy Crush

Note: Don’t waste your time looking for codes to Candy Crush because simply does not exist. Don’t waste your money trying to buy some boosters you will spend a lot and then gave up. This is the only working and very easy to install tool, all you need to do is just to copy one file.

For browser, levels, sync issue check header menu FIXES section.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Free Download – Candy Crush Cheat. How to Pass level Candy Crush Saga. Unlimited Boosters, Moves, Lives and Gold.


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129 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga. Levels, Cheats, Hints, Advice. Free Download

  1. Thank you for your response. I appreciate the information you have provided me and I appreciate the prompt reply. Btw. your program is amazing. Thanks for sharing, helped me alot.
    M. Curtis
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Tired of loosing $$ buying gold bars or not giving me boosters asked/payed for, I love to have this aid/tool.
    Thank you again. Level 347 was impossible and had to buy my way out! Now level 359 is driving me crazy Not anymore :) Good bless you.

  3. Super cool wonderful. I can play candy crush saga all day without being afraid doing a stroke. Helped me greatly what can I say. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  4. Thank you for candy cheats. I read/write a lot of guides to pass level but this tool is awesome. Great site! Cheers

  5. Downloaded the tool. Followed instructions and get lives boosters goldbars unlimited for Candy Crush Saga.
    I would like to thank you very much

  6. Thank you so much Jones, I am very happy to see the extra lives, moves, boosters etc..


    • ;)
      Get More Lives Cheats Candy Crush Free Download from the above Link Extra Moves Hack Gold Unlimited Booster

  8. Hey this is great tool, I was afraid it can not be real but it goes just like in the movie, 99 lives 99 boosters according to level I play 99 gold bars I don’t find a reason why I longer need gold bars for candy crush saga ! unlimited lives boosters gold bars means remain at 99 whatever you use it or not. Thanks a lot!

  9. I want you to know that I really appreciate your advices Jonkens. Thank you.

  10. Howdy everyone, my name is Roy I’ve download and install candy crush tool on my pc takes me 1 minute runs perfect. On Rory iphone was about 5 minutes because we need to install 1 programs and then copy the file using this program, anyway the whole process for me and Rory was about 10 minutes. We’ve want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the tool and instructions. Now we are the champions.
    Have a gorgeous day.

  11. It’s taken me so long to write thisreview… this works as promised! Thanks for such a great hack btw let me know when you done zynga poker hack cheat! Thank you for your help!

    • You’re welcome. I will send you an email when Zynga Cheat it is done I will post it here too, will be integrated on the candy crush saga cheat that you can download, as you saw is called candy crush cheats but can be used for candy crush and another 11 games, will be 12. Be Happy and Have Fun !!!

  12. I’d love the tool
    Have been stuck on level 109 for looong time Driving me crackers
    Now I get past THANKS a lot

  13. works like a charm on iphone5. use second download button i found a better offer on that one. many thanks for sharing

    • Hello Roz sorry but I think you didn’t click on 1st button to see the offers really,
      Guys check both download buttons you will see there is different offers then you can chose one that best fits to you. Close the offers webpage and click again on download button you will se another offers !!!! Personally I select Webber grill, done in 2 minutes.
      Cheers from Bozeman, Montana
      btw. good cheat

  14. Will loading or uninstalling this program have any effect on the level that you are currently on. If a person just dos’nt like the program, can it be removed? Thanks

    • Yes, you can uninstall or disable the candy crush cheat without no problem at anytime on all devices as follows: all PCs and Macs with one single click; on iPhone, iPad, iPod you must delete 1 file; on Android you have to uninstall an app; that’s all for all devices. No other sides effects, the candy crush cheat are enabled after you install but if you don’t want to use it you simply don’t click on boosters, for candy crush startup boosters same don’t click so you will play exactly as you play right now. However Candy crush Lives are set to unlimited if you don’t need you have to uninstall the Candy Crush Cheats :) Nothing changed on the level you are playing right now or your progress at candy crush when using this cheat.
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!

  15. I absolutely love your website.. Great colors & theme. Did you create this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own blog. I would suggest you to come up with posts for more levels. I also subscribed to your Rss. Continue this good job. I want quote your thread’s in my blog. thanks for cheats to pass the diff. levels

  16. NICE! Thanks for uploading one working cheat, I’ve been looking for this for YEARS seriously only craps. I’m so happy, the survey was so short baaam I got it!! AWESOME!

  17. I have been on level 76. For awhile now. The fruit will go thru but its not counting. I have tried everything. H-e-l-p me

    • Hey, your fruit must go thru right side then your upper left square, from that square must drop and must be counted. If you already do that you must follow the step in this post I know about that error, if you are playing on browser follow the steps here That apply to all levels where you have to drop fruits and not counted. If still problems after doing all steps described let me know.
      Note: one solution if above step is to download the cheat and use hand tool, move the fruit to another drop square and sure will be counted.
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!
      Hack and Cheat Tool for Candy Crush Saga playing on PC and MAC or iPhone and Android Download Here for Free

    • Thank you for this tool, finally I can move forward. I love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I tried to download but it said not available in my region. I live in Barbados

  19. God bless you my son. You made a excellent job creating this tool, one really helpful hand. Thanks
    Rebecca & John, TX

  20. Hi, my name is Angus from Liverpool I have downloaded the magic tool but no webber grill offer, I look 3 times!!! Nothing called webber or grill so I choose Videostripe, to my mind this is the easiest However this tool is truly magic.
    –>Thenk ye<–
    Angus Brennan – Liverpool – GREAT BRITAIN

    • YES, Inside the archive you find instructions, you need to copy one file from archive on a specific locations, nothing to install just copy. That’s all !
      Works on all devices (all iPad’s, iPhone’s, iPod’s; all Android devices including Kindle Fire, all Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8; all Mac OS 9,10, Cheetah, Panther, Maverick, etc.
      Be Happy and Have Fun!

      Candy Crush Cheats, Unlimited Lives Candy Crush, Boosters Candy Crush, Candy Crush Cheat, Cheat for Candy Crush, Astuces Candy Crush, Trucos Candy Crush

  21. Cheerio! Due to your cheat I began to play Angry birds once more. Now I beat all my friends at both ccrush & birds. I’m happy I’d have fun too!

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