Free Download Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Hints – Advices

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Download Free Cheats for Candy Crush Saga

For Unlimited Moves, Lives, Gold Bars, Boosters use the tool below ! The purposes of this tool is to save your money; to not become crazy if you can’t pass a level even if you spent some money; to enjoy the game if you like it. Some levels are deliberately made impossible to pay for this free game, this is not fair.

Hey Puzzle Masters! Be Happy and Have Fun !!!

The Candy Crush Saga Cheats tool gives you Unlimited lives and moves, Unlimited boosters including startup boosters on any level and Unlimited gold bars for Candy Crush Saga goldbars are useful on levels if you want to achieve very high score, you already have all Boosters so…

+Moves is activated when you are out of moves, you can activate +5 moves at any time this 5 will be added at your current, if you are running out of moves you can buy with your Unlimited Gold Bars, any other Unlimited you see working on the movie below.

When using this tool you are still able to send / receive Lives Moves Tickets even you don’t need but to help your friends.

The Candy Crush Saga Cheats Tool / AID works perfect on PC, MAC (all Windows and Mac OS versions), iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. No jailbreak or root access required.

The evidence it works now, not old fake movies / programs or whatever. How unlimited lives, unlimited boosters, extra moves and gold bars works by Tool Candy Crush Cheat – Free Download

Candy Crush Cheats Free Download how is work

Take Unlimited lives moves boosters and gold bars with Cheats Candy Crush tool, due to the huge number of downloads sometimes 1st download button is unreachable check 2nd button on page !

This is the only working cheat available for all devices that give’s you all charms. Don’t waste your time looking for codes or another cheat tool because simply doesn’t exist, instead you will find a lot of fakes…whatever (bookmark this page because I have a hunch you will be back after your research). If all you need is lives look at the bottom of this page, right before comments, the correct procedure in order to obtain for all mobile devices, no additional file needed.

Download Candy Crush Free Cheats

Is it absolutely free of charge to ask anything and get answers quickly also your suggestions are welcome !

If you can’t or don’t want to complete the free survey, ask me so I will send you the tool (within 24-48 hours)

The following games on Facebook have already options unlocked & unlimited after you install the Cheat Tool

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Take your Unlimited lives moves boosters and gold bars for Candy Crush and much more Cheats from the button below MIRROR2

Free Cheats Candy Crush Saga Download

Be Happy and Have Fun !

Free Lives for Candy Crush Saga without the Tool Unlimited Lives for Candy Crush using Time Traveling don’t need Candy Crush Cheat for…by changing your clock settings, If you’re on an iPhone, just go into “Settings,” then “General,” scroll down and click “Date & Time.” Make sure “Set Automatically” is turned off and change the time 3 hours in the future. Open Candy Crush (just open don’t start playing yet), your lives are full, now go back to Settings and set your correct time. Now start playing, you can repeat forever, don’t spend your money anymore for lives. On some devices after you set time to the real time you must wait and your lives are changed back to none. For this TimeMachine failure, check how many minutes until you get 1st live, now move your clock ahead at least 3 hours + the numbers of minutes you have to wait. For Android devices go “Settings” then “Date & Time” uncheck “Automatic Date & Time” and set your clock. I say 3 hours for not bothering to much your calendar, alarms, etc No more lives No More !

Well…for Boosters, Moves and Gold Bars You have to use the Cheats for Candy Crush

Note: Don’t waste your time looking for codes to Candy Crush because simply does not exist. Don’t waste your money trying to buy some boosters you will spend a lot and then gave up. This is the only working and very easy to install tool, all you need to do is just to copy one file.

For browser, levels, sync issue check header menu FIXES section.

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97 thoughts on “Free Download Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Hints – Advices

  1. I tried both downloads several times and still couldn’t get it. Would you please help me. Thanks.

  2. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write thisreview… this works as promised! Thank you for your help!

  3. Thank you so much for all the help. Tired of loosing $$ buying gold bars or not giving me boosters asked/payed for, I love to have this aid/tool.
    Thank you again. Level 347 was impossible and had to buy my way out! Now level 359 is driving me crazy :) Not anymore :)

  4. I’d love the tool
    Have been stuck on level 109 for looong time Driving me crackers
    Now I get past THANKS a lot

  5. Will loading or uninstalling this program have any effect on the level that you are currently on. If a person just dos’nt like the program, can it be removed? Thanks

    • Yes, you can uninstall or disable the candy crush cheat without no problem at anytime on all devices as follows: all PCs and Macs with one single click; on iPhone, iPad, iPod you must delete 1 file; on Android you have to uninstall an app; that’s all for all devices. No other sides effects, the candy crush cheat are enabled after you install but if you don’t want to use it you simply don’t click on boosters, for candy crush startup boosters same don’t click so you will play exactly as you play right now. However Candy crush Lives are set to unlimited if you don’t need you have to uninstall the Candy Crush Cheats :) Nothing changed on the level you are playing right now or your progress at candy crush when using this cheat.
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!

  6. I have been on level 76. For awhile now. The fruit will go thru but its not counting. I have tried everything. H-e-l-p me

    • Hey, your fruit must go thru right side then your upper left square, from that square must drop and must be counted. If you already do that you must follow the step in this post I know about that error, if you are playing on browser follow the steps here That apply to all levels where you have to drop fruits and not counted. If still problems after doing all steps described let me know.
      Note: one solution if above step is to download the cheat and use hand tool, move the fruit to another drop square and sure will be counted.
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!
      Hack and Cheat Tool for Candy Crush Saga playing on PC and MAC or iPhone and Android Download Here for Free

  7. Thank you for your response. I appreciate the information you have provided me and I appreciate the prompt reply. Btw. this program is amazing.
    M. Curtis
    Brisbane, Australia

  8. Hey this is great tool, I was afraid it can not be real but it goes just like in the movie, 99 lives 99 boosters according to level I play 99 gold bars I don’t find a reason why I longer need gold bars for candy crush saga ! :) unlimited lives boosters gold bars means remain at 99 whatever you use it or not. Thanks a lot!


    • ;)
      Get More Lives Cheats Candy Crush Free Download from the above Link Extra Moves Hack Gold Unlimited Booster

    • Thank you for this tool, finally I can move forward. I love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I tried to download but it said not available in my region. I live in Barbados

  11. God bless you my son. You made a excellent job creating this tool, one really helpful hand. Thanks
    Rebecca & John, TX

  12. Hi, my name is Angus from Liverpool I have downloaded the magic tool but no webber grill offer, I look 3 times!!! Nothing called webber or grill so I choose Videostripe, to my mind this is the easiest However this tool is truly magic.
    –>Thenk ye<–
    Angus Brennan – Liverpool – GREAT BRITAIN

    • YES, Inside the archive you find instructions, you need to copy one file from archive on a specific locations, nothing to install just copy. That’s all !
      Works on all devices (all iPad’s, iPhone’s, iPod’s; all Android devices including Kindle Fire, all Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8; all Mac OS 9,10, Cheetah, Panther, Maverick, etc.
      Be Happy and Have Fun!

      Candy Crush Cheats, Unlimited Lives Candy Crush, Boosters Candy Crush, Candy Crush Cheat, Cheat for Candy Crush, Astuces Candy Crush, Trucos Candy Crush

  13. Cheerio! Due to your cheat I began to play Angry birds once more. Now I beat all my friends at both ccrush & birds. I’m happy I’d have fun too!

  14. Everything works good. We wanted to let you know!
    Have a good day!
    PS. Playing on WINDOWS 8 on laptop.

  15. Thank you s much, I try 7 or 8 cheat until now none of them works and the offers chsen take me 5 to 10 minutes, this one just 1 minute VIDEoSTRIPE. Do you made cheats for other games ?

    • Yes, name a game and I will try to make.
      Be Happy and Have Fun!!!

      Cheats For Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Cheats, Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Cheats For Candy Crush Saga Free Download, Free Candy Crush Cheats Download, Free Candy Crush Saga Cheats Download,

      • I’d like to see one for Pepper Panic Saga! I’m hooked on that more than Candy Crush. I’d be very thankful if you could do.

  16. I thought it was another crap but no believe me, this man is a real gentleman, he responds to my email and send me a temporary link because I couldn’t finish the survey through my small phone, I was not at my PC then, we are sitting on couch. I am delighted to moving forward at Candy Crush. Other two of my favorite games are Bubble Island and Bubble Witch that I now play them with no rush or stress.
    God bless you!

  17. Hi, I have downloaded the tool I manage to install on my PC but when I try to install on iphone keep getting “can’t open file” what sould I do ? Help

    • Hi,
      Please use the iPhone folder and files, follow instructions on that folder.
      You are trying to open a file from Windows/MAC or Android folder!
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!
      Free Unlimited Lives Cheat/Hack Download Extra Moves, All Boosters Unlocked and Unlimited Gold Bars for iPhone with or without jailbreak; for PC and MAC to Play on Facebook, King or other pages; for Android with or without Root Access

  18. I needed help on level 70…can’t pass without paying for 3 weeks. Thanks alot bro for creating this tool…is great, I really enjoy this game my family and I have a contest and I need to keep playing but have no money. Thanks again

  19. I am truly glad to read this posts which carries lots of useful information, thanks for providing such informations. Pretty nice tool as well. Can play on now, I was about to give up on level 250.

  20. Please send me info on how to get more boosts without bothering or begging friends? Does this work on all devices or only some? Thanks!

    • The entire page above explain and show how you can obtain Unlimited Boosters, Lives and all…
      Most of them, I don’t receive any complaints so I think was OK !
      Be Happy and Have Fun !
      Candy Crush Unlimited Lives Free Unlimited Moves Unlimited Boosters and Unlimited Gold Bars Download

  21. I need help on the level after 170 with the train can’t play without paying for it is there a way to get it free and keep playing I really enjoy this game my family and I have a contest and I need to keep playing but have no money to play please reply back help please

    • Hi,
      Passing episodes like this one without paying you have two options:

      1. that’s apply to all mobile devices and PC or MAC, if you are playing on Facebook, ask your friends for, if you click on the “ticket” that follows level 170 you get the message from the game “ask your friends”
      2. if you don’t play on FB, or you don’t want to ask your friends for help, you need to disconnect from FB on your mobile devices then where the ask friends for tickets was you will see 3 quests, play 1st then after 24 hours 2nd and after more 24 the 3rd quest after that you are passed to next episode, you can use Time traveling trick to not wait 24×2 hours (this don’t work on PC or MAC because you have to play on FB)
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!
      Candy Crush Cheat Moves Cheat Lives Cheat Boosters Cheat Gold Download from Above

  22. Thank you so much for posting, worked great! I must really say I’m so impressed.

  23. As you stated, I really needed some help on this game…Thank’s again for all your input.

  24. I figured out how to do the lives I just need to know how to do the boosters and moves

    • Hmm, that mean did you just started to play Candy Crush! If you have 99 / Unlimited Lives you must have all Boosters and Gold bars set to 99 without decreasing, that mean Unlimited. You don’t have to do anything anymore, just playing, if you installed and see 99 Lives consider it Done. First Booster (Lollipop) will be available at level seven, after you reach there your Lollipop is unlocked and set to 99, same for all Boosters. For Moves hit +5 button when you start or play a level, if is not enough when you are running out of moves the game will ask for buying, you have Unlimited Goldbars just buy’it. Moves can’t be set to Unlimited because the game will never ending, after you finish a level your remaining moves is converted into points so…Unlimited Moves = Unlimited points to be added = Never stops
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!
      Here You Can Get Candy Crush Boosters Hack Lives Download Hack Moves Hack Gold

  25. I have been stuck on level 302 candy crush saga for what seems like forever. The colored jellies just do not fall the way I need them to. You would think 60 moves would be enough but its not enough. I was about to give up.
    I’ve downloaded enough cheats before, completing hard surveys and downloading all kind to my computer no one works. I give it a chance to this one and I’m very pleased. Chosen survey was short and very easy, download has immediately began but most important this tool really works and runs perfect. I can play further now.
    Thanks so much,

  26. I just want to comment on free booster giveaway. I Like, share, comment and nothing. I gave up a lot of my time and information and I received nothing. I would appreciate what I have coming to me. Thanks,candyplayer.

    • Hey, this is not a giveaway or some other crap on Facebook and Internet.
      1st I never ask You or anyone else to share or like anything on my site, on my FB account or any others accounts what I have.
      2nd When You receive this tool, you receive full and easy instructions nothing to share, like, fill your personal information or anything like that. If you ask me anything I will respond to you as fast I can, I don’t ask you anything, only about your question(s) related.
      3th When I receive an email from any person asking me for, I send the tool. Surveys present here not belong to me, belongs to file hosters that’s why I clear written “If any question, ask” All polls / surveys / offers here are from companies approved, certified and comply with all applicable rules and laws of the US, Canada, EU, Australia.
      4th The only thing suggested NOT mandatory after you get all the boosters lives goldbars and it is left to your willingness is to sent a gift, how much do you want IF you want as a gift via Paypal or Skrill.
      Please look clear on which page you share, like or any other actions you have to made in order to get some fake sh*t or nothing or whatever and DO NOT ACCUSE ME OF ANYTHING.
      Be Happy and Have Fun !!!
      For Candy Crush Free Cheat Gold Cheat Free Booster Moves Download Cheat Free Lives Cheat See The Video

  27. Have tried a lot of different “cheats”, but every time get nothing but crap.

  28. Hi, chose Win a $1500 Victoria’s Secret Shopping Spree! offer, easiest to complete and fast, after completing you get unlimited lives boosters and goldbars for sure. Hope this information may help others.
    Many Thanks

  29. Herzlichen Dank.
    Hatte nicht Erwartet, für mich in Deutsch Helfen, aber JA. Ich bin sehr überrascht.

    Vielen Dank

  30. This site made my day.
    One week ago I have downloaded this tool, well I got unlimited lives and all other for Candy Crush Saga but was only the beginning, you know before downloading must select from couple of surveys or ask this site to send the files to you, my choice was not to wait 24 hours I have chosen a survey called Win iPad and gift card, I spent about five minutes for completion and today I have received a new iPad Air tablet and 100 dollars voucher to spend on Apple store. Can’t belive that I never trust this kind of stuff however this just happens to me !
    So I can pass any level I play on a brand new tablet and I won 100 dollars. I am very glad.
    I want to Thank you for everything.

  31. Any advice or help is appreciated, I use the bonus wheel daily but never see the prizes as options. Ideas? Also, any way to avoid paying for the next series of levels once ur finished a path? Thanks! I will download the Tool right now.

    • 1. Bonus wheel is a JOKE not an option, chance of winning Jackpot is 1/1000 that mean you must spin almost 3 years until you get it. That’s the reason why you or any of your friends don’t win, anyway even if you win once what you got ? if you are lucky pass a level.
      2. With the Candy Crush Tool that you just download it everything is free.
      Be Happy and Have Fun !
      Candy Crush Download Cheat Lives Hack Download Gold Free and Download Moves Here

      • You’re right the bonus wheel won’t help me to much even I won jackpot daily. You help me a lot Thanks! I’m playing now so excited seeing all boosters to 99

      • I downloaded the program but am confused on how to make it work now. Can you help please.
        Thanks in advance.

      • At level 272 even though I cleared the jellies and beat the high score with three stars the game refuses to pass da** level. I was forced to download this tool, what can I say…thanks for the unlimited lives, for the moment I don’t use something else :)

    • I sent a guide for you on your inbox!
      Have Fun !
      Candy Crush Saga More Lives Cheat for iPhone Free Hack Download No Jailbreak Required Extra Moves Gold Codes Any Boosters Cheats

  32. Please help, i cant finish the offer with my phone also my laptop won’t boot :( i only want play

  33. I want the tool but I can’t take the poll, keep getting a message “No offer available at the moment”. Can u please help me?

  34. Manipulating Asus HD MeMo time freezes your play time by however much you advanced it. Moving settings>date/time ahead three hours did allow immediate play when I had lost all lives. Too bad I now ave to wait SIX or more hours before I can play again:*(

    • mishl after changing your time ahead, don’t start playing, just tap the Candy Crush game to level screen, you will see full lives, now go to Settings, move your clock to Automatically (real time) then tap again Candy Crush and go play. This is the right procedure. If you start playing when your clock is ahead, you must set ahead more 3 hours and so on. I verify MeMo to see if there is something, but nothing special. Hope this helps you,

      Watch the Video to See How The Unlimited Lives, Boosters, Gold and Moves Cheat/Hack Tool Works for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android then Download if you Like

  35. Hello everyone, last month i spend over 400 dollars on Candy Crush, i can’t figure the total amount until the end of the month, 10 dollars today, 10-20 yesterday and so on to 400. Please! don’t do that. better stop playing but don’t lose your money. This game is very addictive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this tool, i hate surveys but rather to spend five minutes no other 400 dollars. Erin from New York

  36. Downloaded the tool. Followed instructions and get lives boosters goldbars unlimited for Candy Crush Saga.
    I would like to thank you very much.

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